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CYEB, as a dynamically developing regional company, provides complex cost-effective solutions to its partners through which they can reduce both the amount and price of their energy consumption. We design, implement, and if required, operate the investments aimed at reducing energy consumption. The results of the projects designed by us were confirmed in each case by measurements following implementation.

Reliable background and regional presence 

CYEB was established more than half a decade ago with the aim of offering companies energy optimizing solutions. The clientele of the company is made up primarily of those large industrial consumers whose business requires either continual electric supply and/or have a production capacity, or work in a service sector where they need constant energy supply.

Solution-oriented engineering approach

The comprehensive service offered by CYEB is unique in today‚Äôs market. The engineering competence, the accumulated experience in energy trade, the openness towards the improvement of the efficiency of the operated systems, and the partnership approach has made CYEB a unique market player. In our solutions we always keep in mind the long term aims of our clients in addition to facilitating their operation by providing information continuously.  The results of the energetic solutions and investments are confirmed in each case by measurements. 

Complex energy solutions 

CYEB analyses energy problems in a complex way with an engineering approach. Based on the experience of long years, we firmly believe that energetics is the field about which one should think in a complex way, taking into account all factors. We think that if a company is serious about the revision of its energy system and making it cost-effective, the most efficient solution in the long-run for them is to find a partner who can offer complex solutions instead of partial ones.  Nevertheless, for those of our partners who are only seeking solutions to the energy challenges of certain, special fields, we design, implement and if required operate their cost reducing projects.