Designing - cyeb


All our activities are based on the precision of engineering. The first phase of all our projects is constituted of measuring and design - be it energy purchase, optimization of consumption, or the storage of electrical energy. Thanks to the precise preparations our customers receive the same results at the end of the construction phase that we designed for them in advance.


Energy consultation before entering into contract

During consultation all relevant parameters of energy consumption are examined. The optimum of the existing energy mix (electricity, gas, steam, solar energy, wind energy, etc.) is analysed together with historical consumption and billing data, the anticipated utilization forecasts are taken into account, the optimal level of the energy tapping of the various forms of energies is examined, just as the condition of host facilities (such as medium voltage / low voltage transformers). Our proposal for the energy tapping strategy is drawn up after considering all the above.


Audit to assess full potential for energy saving, installation of pilot-systems to measure savings

The audit starts with a meeting with the management to review the company’s main technological processes and determine problem areas. We put forward a proposal on the scope of the audit after an on-site visit and expert involvement. The designing and installation of the metering system will take place after the acquisition and conciliation of data.  The results of reproducible measurements are evaluated together with the experts. The audit report, conciliated with the experts and to be submitted to the management, includes project proposals on exploitable energy-saving opportunities and potential business parameters.  


Following the energy audit a recommendation is set forth as to the cost reduction resulting from energy storage

As part of the detailed energy audit we also assess the savings potential resulting from energy storage possibilities. Our consultants have the expertise that is needed for designing typical applications on a conceptual level whether it be the shifting of consumption peaks, peak-off-peak price arbitrage, off-grid or island applications, or transmission, distribution network services. We involve the expert engineers of our partners in the detailed planning process, who carry out the necessary tasks with full guarantee.