Energy storage - cyeb


Besides obtaining energy from the appropriate place and optimizing energy consumption the storage of electricity is an indispensable solution for companies that either produce renewable energy and wish to prepare for its storage, or want to achieve cost reduction with a decrease in peak period energy consumption in favour of the use of cheaper off-peak electricity. 


Following the energy audit a recommendation is set forth as to the cost reduction resulting from energy storage 

As part of the detailed energy audit we also assess the savings potential resulting from energy storage possibilities. Our consultants have the expertise that is needed for designing typical applications on a conceptual level whether it be the shifting of consumption peaks, peak-off-peak price arbitrage, off-grid or island applications, or transmission, distribution network services. We involve the expert engineers of our partners in the detailed planning process, who carry out the necessary tasks with full guarantee.


The required turnkey storage capacity is adapted to the assessed needs

Through our extensive partnerships we have experts in all areas of technology and these partnerships allow us to provide competitive offers to help exploit the savings potential of energy storage systems.  The references of our partners in technology cover the full range of the energy storage industry. The full scope of the engineering expertise of our partners is offered to our clients in our projects. In close cooperation with our local engineers the localization and full customization of the solutions is ensured. 


Optimal operation of installed storage capacity is ensured by our full range expert operational service

The operation of the installed energy storage systems requires excellent performance of systems engineering and professional engineering tasks and high level availability. These competences are fulfilled partly by our local experts and partly by our operating partners providing higher level of support for our clients. The long-term contracts for the operation and maintenance of the systems includes a detailed description of allocation of tasks and responsibilities between client and service provider, ensures proper operation of the systems and thus the satisfaction of the client.